Last Update: October 2019
CPU-Based Rasteriser
Download - Includes C sourcecode, Windows binary, and example Lua scripts


Timings shown here were measured on an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, with 8 threads

dragon.lua, 871k triangles, 61ms

mech.lua, 7k triangles, 4ms

sibenik.lua, 75k triangles, 12ms

sponza.lua, 262k triangles, 38ms

fox.lua, 600 triangles, 2ms

teapots.lua, 628k triangles, 73ms

street.lua, 141k triangles, 26ms

street.lua, 141k triangles, 28ms

head.lua, 369k triangles, 49ms

head.lua with wireframes enabled, showing the runtime-generated extruded shadow volumes