Edd Biddulph

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Shattered Souls An 882-byte procedural executable image featuring layered fractals.
Gleam A 1024-byte procedural executable image featuring 3D shapes, fake reflections, and chromatic aberration.
Mandelbrot Orbit Plot Images formed by plotting the orbits of the Mandelbrot iteration sampled along a line.
REYES Implementation An implementation of the REYES rasterisation algorithm.
GPU-Based Pathtracer A patchtracing renderer written for CUDA, featuring glossy reflections, spheres, cuboids, and planes.
TBDR An implementation of tile-based deferred rendering using multithreading and SIMD instruction set extensions.
Deferred Shading An implementation of deferred shading featuring tangent-space normal mapping and variance shadowmaps.
50 Trapeziums An artistic experiment in limitation.