Edd Biddulph

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The Making Of Oscar's Chair A backstory and technical breakdown of how my Revision 2018 winning 4-kilobyte demo was made.
Lambertian Reflection Without Tangents A method of sampling the Lambert BRDF in world space without the need for a local coordinate system transformation.
Implicit Maze-Like Patterns An exploration of a simple method to create patterns which look like mazes.
Screenspace Particle Physics A demonstration of using the depth buffer as a collision hull for purely aesthetic collision detection.
Distance Fields An investigation into signed distance field raymarching.
Two C++ Template Ideas A couple of ways to use templates in C++.
Mandelbrot Orbit Plot Images formed by plotting the orbits of the Mandelbrot iteration sampled along a line.
REYES Implementation An implementation of the REYES rasterisation algorithm.
Deferred Shading An implementation of deferred shading featuring tangent-space normal mapping and variance shadowmaps.