Edd Biddulph

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Hello my name is Edd Biddulph, I like to do graphics-related things with computers. Mostly realtime and procedural things. This is my website where I put most of my projects, which can be found in the categories below.

Demoscene Realtime generated animations (and some stills) that I worked on by myself, or in collaboration with various musicians and artists in the demoscene.
Shadertoy My Shadertoy shaders. Shadertoy is a website for creating and sharing realtime multi-pass pixel shaders. Most of my work here is fully procedural, meaning that all of the content is generated by code on-the-fly.
Projects Quite large-ish things that I created by myself.
Articles Articles that I've written for the fun of it.
Experiments Small things that only exist as prototypes, or isolated ideas.