Edd Biddulph

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Hello my name is Edd Biddulph, I like to do graphics-related things with computers. Mostly realtime and procedural things. This is my website where I put most of my projects, which can be found in the categories below.

Demoscene Realtime generated animations (and some stills) that I worked on by myself, or in collaboration with various musicians and artists in the demoscene.
Projects Quite large-ish things that I created by myself.
Articles Articles that I've written for the fun of it.
Experiments Small things that only exist as prototypes, or isolated ideas.
Pixel Shaders Here you can find my Shadertoy profile page. Shadertoy is a website for creating and sharing realtime pixel shaders. Pixel shaders are known as fragment shaders in OpenGL vernacular. When I do this for fun, I prefer to be completely procedural - no image files are used.
Photography I'm a (very) amateur photographer.
More (Old) Pixel Shaders Here I've collected together some very old pixels shaders that I posted on GLSL Sandbox.
Processing I often use Processing to prototype ideas and I've posted a couple of things on OpenProcessing. Maybe in the future I willl release more Processing things...